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Third Session

On 8th June, 2018, TKS IMT Campus conducted third Skype session with Taiwanese under the supervision of Head Office. It was a session of an hour, 20 minutes were allocated for presentation to both partners and 10 minutes were allocated for “Question & Answer Session”. In the first half of the session, TKS students gave presentation on Muslim’s holy month – Ramadan Kareem. They told their Taiwanese fellows about the significance of this sacred month, our religious practices, and the concept of “Fasting” for the sake of Allah.

After presentation, Students also displayed the cultural items i.e. Traditional Bags, Bangles, Dummy Rickshaw, Dummy Truck, Khusa, Peshawari Chapel, Traditional Chadar, etc and briefed them about it. In the second half of the session, Taiwanese students gave presentation on “Taiwanese special food items” with the help of charts and pictures. Few students also brought food items to show it to the TKS students. Through this session, TKS students learnt about Taiwan food culture. They also came to know that Pork, Seafood, Chicken, Rice, and Soy are very common ingredients there. It has proven to be an informative session for our TKS students.

To understand and clear the discussed concepts completely, Question & Answer session was also carried out at the end of the presentation