The Knowledge School Network A Project of ILM Trust


The academic year commences from March till February every year for Central Region and March to December for Balochistan Region. There are 3 terms in an academic year:

TermCentral RegionBalochistan Region
Term 1 March to May  March to May
Term 2 August to November June to September
Term 3 December to February October to December

Note: An academic year may vary according to regional BISE requirements.

Purpose of Assessment / Examination:

  • To help TKS schools to administer Standardized Tests across the network
  • To set high standards for assessing Student Learning Outcomes based on 21st Century teaching and learning skills
  • Assessment comprises different forms of assessment such as quizzes, class tests, Mid Term Assessment, End of Term Assessment, Final Examination, Projects, Oral presentations, Performances, Investigations, Practical work and Creative writing to enhance and develop different skills and varied learning styles
  • To use Assessments to identify the areas where students’ need support and intervention for further progress
  • To develop Individual Learning, Independence, Critical Thinking and Problem-solving skills
  • To collect, analyze and interpret information in order to report on the progress shown by the students
  • To include parents in the progress and process of educational development of their children through reports and periodic PTMs

Assessment / Examination Results

Assessment / Examination results are compiled, recorded and maintained in respective student’s files. Toppers list is put up on the Class Examination Result Sheet and displayed on the notice board; copies of which are authenticated by the School Examination Committee and communicated to the Controller Examinations.

Results are obtained from the following Summative Assessments:

  • Quizzes
  • Mid Term Assessment
  • End of Term Assessment
  • Project Work
  • Final Examinations

The result is recorded in a Student Progress Report and then communicated to respective students and parents at the end of each term through PTM.

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