The Knowledge School Network A Project of ILM Trust

Migration and Withdrawal

  • The students are offered the facility of Inter-city and Intra-city transfer from one school campus to another in The Knowledge School. Parent/Guardian can apply for migration, indicating the recipient campus. The transferring school initiates the “Letter of Transfer” and proceeds to coordinate the student's transfer with its Head Office.
  • The student transfer facility is allowed two (02) months prior to the mid-year and end of year examination months.
  • The Head Office will assist, if a parent requests the Head Office to locate a campus in case of a transfer or migration.
  • At the time of transfer, the recipient campus issues the “Fee Challan” for the specified amount as transfer processing charges.
  • The recipient school accepts the student’s transfer and takes the student on roll once payment of transfer-fee is made at the designated bank.

Voluntary Withdrawal Process

  • If parents wish to voluntarily withdraw their child from the school due to any reason, a one-month notice in writing is required by the school or alternatively, a one-month fee must be paid to the school in lieu of the notice.
  • The Withdrawal Certificate will be issued after getting clearance from the school administration, school library, science laboratory, computer laboratory, accounts and other concerning sections.

Complaint Registration Guidelines

A transparent and fair system of complaint intimation, scrutiny, registration and processing exists at The Knowledge Schools. It is expected from all complainants to contact “TKS Ethics and Integrity Committee” on [email protected] to ensure speedy and effective handling of complaints and opinions of TKS Stakeholders.