About TKS

Group Profile

Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Trust, founded in 1990, has become a distinctive player in the field of human development and education not only in Pakistan but also internationally. ILM Trust was established by leading educationists, professionals, and industrialists with an aim to enhance the organizational and individual effectiveness.

In a span of only two decades, ILM Trust has expanded horizontally and vertically and today it owns a portfolio of businesses in real estate, construction, energy and banking with education being the backbone.

Foresight, innovation, energy, and competitive strategies have helped the Trust to take advantage of emerging opportunities. More importantly, the Trust is now reputed and experienced in building and sustaining strong and effective business partnerships based upon trust, co-determination and mutual benefit.

University of Management and Technology (UMT)

UMT, one of the premier higher education facilities in Pakistan is an urban, general university that is dedicated to excellence in teaching and research.  UMT offers a wide range of doctoral, masters and bachelors degree programs in ten schools and three institutes – all functioning under the umbrella of UMT. All academic programs being offered by the University are recognized by the HEC and conform to international standards.

ILM Group of Colleges

In 2008, ILM Trust launched another of its educational projects namely ILM colleges with a view to meet the academic needs of students and building the nation. Ever since its inception, ILM Colleges have successfully branched out a network of colleges for boys and girls throughout the country with a major concentration in Punjab province. Like other projects, ILM Colleges combines state-of-the-art educational facilities with premium faculty further proven in students’ achievements. ILM Colleges’ alumni go on to leading institutes of commerce, business, medical and engineering sciences for further education.

The Knowledge School

The importance of childhood education is increasingly gaining prominence and being recognized by various governmental policies and valued by society at large. The formative years that is, three years and over are the most significant years in terms of characters building and inculcating a sound value system in child. Certainly, the learning in these years lay the foundation for future academic success.

ILM Trust realized this and in 2008 launched a nationwide project of schools – THE KNOWLEDGE SCHOOL (TKS) NETWORK based on a strategic partnership with enthusiastic individuals willing to invest and further the cause of education. In a short span of time, TKS has developed a sizable network of operative schools throughout Pakistan.

TKS is committed to lifting the standard of education and social responsibility of this generation of students for the future of humanity. Looking towards that future, TKS intends to link its prosperity to nurture the young minds of in less developed areas by creating educational opportunities where they would otherwise not exist.