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Award Policy


  1. The academic progress and attainment of students is usually measured through their performance in the external exams. Since, every high school has to be affiliated to a local/federal examinations board; therefore, the results of the Board exams play a vital role in building repute and fame for a school.
  2. In line with TKS vision, and mission, TKS head office strives to guide, support, recognize and award its campuses and the outstanding students in their pursuit to academic excellence.
  3. Board Exams Excellence Awards is one of the ways to recognize and award the outclass performances in the respective local / federal boards.


  1. The main objective of Board Exams Excellence Awards is to ensure that our students are provided with an appropriate guidance and support to perform with distinction in the Board Exams and thus, reward their efforts.
  2. Among other objectives, includes:
  3. To guide campuses on the process of affiliation to their local exams board.
  4. To support campuses in teachers’ training for preparing the student well in the board exams.
  5. To provide campuses with the support material for board exams preparation.
  6. To help schools and head office to maintain a track record of students performance for 3 consecutive years.
  7. To help campuses do 3 Year Result Analysis to set the performance bar and improve it year after year.
  8. To recognize and award the efforts of the campus leadership, teachers and the students for exhibiting brilliant performances in the board exams.
  9. To create a healthy and developmental competition among TKS campuses in board exam.

Board Exam Results Compilation

  1. Following is the process and procedure to compile Board Exam Results for Board Exams Excellence Awards. Board exam results compilation is a 2 Year process. In Year One, results of class 9 are taken and in Year Two results of class 10 are compiled.
  2. Board Exam campuses are sent an excel sheet called ‘Board Exams Result Sheet’ to fill in the required data.
  3. The Board Exams Result Sheet is Data Entry automated sheet. It calculates the ‘Total Marks’, Percentage, Grade and Position for each student’s subject marks along with subject averages.
  4. The marks required for the ‘Result Sheet’ needs to be filled in very carefully and the spelling of student’s name need to be typed with accuracy.
  5. The ‘Board Exams Result Sheets’ only need to be filled in the columns shaded, rest of the columns are filled in automatically.
  6. After receiving the ‘Board Exams Result Sheets’ from all the campuses, the Head Office shall calculate and compile the positions for different Awards.
  7. The campuses qualified for the position shall be notified about the Venue, Date and Time of the ‘Award Giving Ceremony.’
  8. TKS toppers name, picture, campus details and congratulatory note will be posted on TKS website, Facebook and other social media for information of entire network.
  9. TKS toppers flyers/banners/standees will be prepared and sent to the campuses for necessary display acknowledging the outstanding performance as also to motivate others to do better.

Categories of Board Exams Excellence Awards

Board Exams Excellence Awards are divided into 4 categories, with the given criteria:

Category of AwardCriteria
School Toppers
  1. Student scoring the highest overall percentage among all students of class 10.
  2. Minimum number of students should be 5 for a campus to qualify for School Topper.
  3. Minimum percentage to qualify for School Topper is 90% overall.
Subject Toppers
  1. Highest marks obtained in the ‘Subject Toppers’ list of subject.
  2. Subjects included for ‘Subject Toper’ are English, Urdu, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Computer Studies only.
  3. Students are awarded for each subject for highest percentage.
  4. Minimum percentage to qualify for Subject Topper is 95%.
TKS Regional Board Toppers
  1. Student scoring the highest overall percentage in a region of a specific exam board.
  2. Minimum percentage to qualify is 95% overall.
TKS Top 3 positions
  1. Highest marks in any exam board for overall percentage.
  2. Minimum percentage to qualify for TKS Top 3 positions is 95% overall.

Toppers Award

Students exhibiting outstanding performance will be given awards as under

Category of AwardCriteria
School Toppers
  1. Certificate of Achievement

Subject Toppers
  1. Certificate of Achievement for student and Subject Teacher Appreciation Shield

TKS Regional Board Toppers
  1. Certificate of Achievement.
  2. Toppers Shield
  3. Monument to Campus
TKS Top 3 positions
  1. Merit Certificate.
  2. Monument of campus
  3. Top Position Shield
  4. Awards
    1. 1st Position: Laptop
    2. 2nd Position: Tablet 
    3. 3rd position: Tablet

Share Policy

Cost of Awards will be shared / contributed by both TKS Head Office and respective NWA on 50% basis.

Implementation of Policy

Applicability of the above referred Board Exams Excellence Awards-Policy shall come into force from the current Academic Session i.e 2018-2019 onwards unless it is revised or modified.

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