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Fourth Session

On 28th June, 2018, TKS IMT Campus conducted fourth Skype session with the Taiwanese students under the supervision of Head Office. The session lasted for an hour; 20 minutes were allocated for presentation to both the partners and 10 minutes were dedicated for “Question & Answer Session”. In the first half of the session, TKS students presented on “Eid Festivals” – The most joyful occasion of Muslim community. TKS students briefed about the Islamic rituals, the traditional food and essentials of Eid-ul-Fitar and Eid-al Adha. Few students also brought Eid special sweets i.e. Kheer, Firni, and Sheer Khurma to show it to their Taiwanese fellows.

In the second half of the session, Taiwanese students gave presentation on “Taiwan’s culture and Art” with the help of charts, pictures and short video clips. They discussed about the Taiwanese Opera, Calligraphy and special brush paintings, Dream Parade, and puppetry. Students also exhibited portraits of art work to the TKS students.

To fully absorb and grasp the discussed concepts, a Question & Answer session was also carried out at the end of the presentations.