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  • Friday, May 10, 2019

Watermelon is a popular summertime fruit known as a body-healing fruit.  It is a juicy, delicious and full of amazing health benefits, especially during the summer season. Watermelon also helps to maintain acid-based balance in the body, which helps lower the risk of high blood pressure. Watermelon has “water” in its name for a reason. It’s loaded with water to keep you hydrated when anybody work out.

Watermelon is also rich in Vitamin B, which is necessary for energy production. Watermelons are the perfect choice due to many reasons .That is why all kids like to this fruit during summer. To promote "Healthy Eating" to kids TKS Network of Schools will be conducting a special Watermelon Day on May 10,2019.

Students will learn about the nutritional facts of watermelons and will participate in educational and fun activities related to this fruit, e.g. making watermelon slush, hand & face painting, cutting of watermelon slices in different shapes.  This special day will end with a sweet treat of eating water melon.