• Thursday, December 30, 2021

The new year serves to identify and recognise goals achieved and hurdles crossed in the working of individuals. The application of this retrospection is no less important for an educational institution. Thus, this New Year's will act as a time for the TKS Head Office to review its activities conducted over the past year. It was a year full of events, from the introduction of the much-awaited Single National Curriculum to TKS students achieving high positions in board exams, allowing the TKS Network to rest on the laurels of their hard work. There is much that we have to be proud of, from being among the first institutions to receive an NOC for our SNC-based preschool books to the successful relaunch of our logo. This year also saw the first-ever publication of the TKS Annual Magazine, the creation of which will now remain a continuous effort. Providing support to 150 campuses during a pandemic, hosting an online NWA convention under those conditions, ensuring the uninterrupted supply of quality education to all and sundry....the TKS Head Office accomplished much and, more importantly, learnt more. The experience gained during the year will help us at the Head Office to maintain the high standard of education that our stakeholders have come to expect from us.

Similarly, our individual campuses have done much to be proud of. Our representatives amongst the general populace, they continue to provide support to us in our mission of spreading the philosophy and vision of our founder, Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad (Shaheed). Staunch and resolute in the face of adversity, we are always full of admiration for their ceasless support and loyalty to our cause. So, to all our partners, associates, faculty, staff, well-wishers and anyonewho has ever put forth the least effort towards ensuring the spread of education, you have our heartfelt thanks. We wish you and all your loved ones a very pleasant New Year. 

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