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  • Friday, December 07, 2018

The last Prophet Muhammad was born in Rabi-ul-Awal. This month is sacred for Muslims all over the world. Prophet Muhammad is the great role model for Muslims in every aspect of life. Quran is the book of guidance and Muhammad implemented the teachings of Quran in His life for us so that we can learn from His life.


Muhammad is the source of light from whom the Muslims should take guidance. They should emulate his exemplary character and take his moral life as ideal. This is the way that ensures success to Muslims in both worlds and this is the way the rightly guided Muslims adopt. Whenever a Muslim deviates from it, he surely forsakes the straight path?

TKS helps students to know about their religion and be good MuslimsNaat & Qiraat Competition will be held in schools to commemorate this sacred day.  May Allah give us the strength to learn and implement His virtues in order to succeed in this life and Hereafter! Amen.