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Moral Value Topic 6 - Care for Environment

  • Saturday, January 09, 2021

Personal wellbeing cannot remain confined only to taking care of oneself but is linked to positive and healthy interaction and collaboration with the society and environment as a whole. During this week, students will be educated about the ways to save our environment and discuss how important it is to conserve natural resources. Earth's resources are depleting, posing a threat to human existence on the planet. An unhealthy environment contributes to individual and collective health issues as well as issues pertaining to mental and emotional despair and low self-esteem. Environmental awareness and education contribute to understanding how individuals and groups can contribute to building healthy sustainable environments and develop an appreciation for conservation.

During this week, students will try to bring positive and healthy change by planting trees, discard the use of disposables and plastic bags, save food and water, and many other activities like these.