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Mathletics Competition

  • Saturday, February 03, 2018

The Right Brain people are considered to be number savvy and logical in their approach. To promote and develop numeracy and mathematical skills among TKS students, the Head Office has designed Mathletics competition. The idea is to help our students develop and exhibit their Right Brain skills. The competition is focused on only class 5 students. However, the skills and concepts that will be tested are the ones that they would have learnt and acquired throughout their schooling; starting from class 1 through to 5. The Head office will provide the concepts on which the competition will be based so that the school and the students would be able to revise and go through them before the competition.

The Mathletics competition is MCQ based. The topics and concepts will be sent to the schools by the Head Office. The MCQ Question paper and Marking scheme will also be sent to the campuses by the Head Office. Selection round will be done by the school during regular school day and within one period of 40 minutes. After the selection round, the schools will choose the best student from class 5 and send his/her name to the head office for National level competition. The Finals will take place at the Head Office in January 2018.

The Final competition will be MCQ based and the Top 10 students chosen from the MCQ based test will be taken for the Mental Math Test. Winners will be awarded with exciting prizes.