Head Office Activities

Lingualetics (Competetion & Prize Distribution)

TKS head office always endeavours to tap on the holistic development of all the students.

This year TKS had initiated Lingualetics competition for its schools. Lingualetics is an English Language proficiency competition for students of different classes and levels. This event helped students to develop their confidence and creativity. It helped them to enrich their language and public speaking skills.

This year Look ‘n’ Say competition is chosen for our students. This is a picture description competition in which a picture was provided to the students and students were prepared to describe the picture in 180 seconds.

Students from two levels were chosen for Look ‘n’ Say viz.

Level I    Grades 2-3
Level II   Grades 4-5

Nine Schools participated in this competition with their 18 participants.
Contestants spoke very confidently and positions were announced for both levels. 

Level I first position was secured by our participant from Quaid campus Lahore, Muhammad Ali and the first position at level II was secured by Wareesha student of Johar campus Lahore. Level I second position was secured by HadiaMaqsood of ChFazal Campus Lahore and Level II second position holder was Asma Abdullah from Habeel Campus Lahore. For level I the 3rd position was bagged by HafsaShahid from Johar Campus Lahore and for level II the 3rd position was won by Hina Khan from Qaboola campus. 

The winning campuses – Quaid Campus and Johar Campus were awarded Lingualetics Winning Trophy. The NWAs / Principals and teachers of the participating campuses were awarded with Appreciation shields and certificates.

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