The Knowledge School Network A Project of ILM Trust

Visionary Team

Chairman Message

Schools showcase a nation’s past, present, and future. They represent the hopes of parents, capitalize upon the aspirations of the very young generation, and respond to the needs and challenges facing the society. ILM Trust initiated the project of The Knowledge School (TKS) to contribute towards the development of new generation, turning them into self-directed life-long learners. The students of TKS become aware of the purpose of life and they discover their unique strengths and talents for refinement. We are building a knowledge community to lead Pakistan. Human beings know no limits to excel and each generation surpass the previous in all respect. At TKS, we aim at becoming a very reliable partner of the parents and society to make each student a truly great person with extreme motivation, creative ideas and supreme talents so that they can achieve extraordinary goals and objectives.


Chairman TKS

Vice-Chairman Message

We feel privileged to be a part of an organization with over 20 years of association with the education sector. The ILM Trust projects which includes University of Management and Technology (UMT), ILM Group of College and The Knowledge School covers the educational journey of students from playgroup to professional education. We ensure high quality education at an affordable price with a focus on standardization. The knowledge School team is enthusiastic to adopt innovative and modern technology for educating children. At TKS, we believe that education is the basic right of every child and we invest our time and energy in the most valuable asset of this country and that is "our children". We would like to invite you to join hands with us in providing quality education to the future of Pakistan, our children.

Dr. Abdul Hameed