The Knowledge School Network A Project of ILM Trust


TKS is part of one of the leading education organizations in Pakistan, which is backed up by a powerful brand – ILM Trust, University of Management and Technology and the stability of Mizab Group Ltd.

TKS aims to develop a network of quality schools offering standardized education through network alliances in Pakistan and abroad. For this purpose, TKS offers a full business format and professional expertise to assist regional and international business partners to venture confidently into the challenging and fast expanding market of adolescent education. With years of dedicated research done by a group of eminent educationists and professionals, TKS has developed the best-in-class student centric learning methodology which helps to achieve better tangible results in school.

What do you need to know about The Knowledge School?

TKS’s mission is to enable its students to realize their true potential through exceptional opportunities within a nurturing community that will equip them to flourish and to make a difference in their lives.

Distinguishing Features of TKS:

TKS is a private school franchise network backed by a powerful name in academia that aims to develop a network of quality schools across Pakistan. TKS network is embedded in a strategic partnership with enthusiastic individuals who want to invest in the cause of education. In a limited span of time, TKS has reached a sizable network of operative schools. TKS envisions and is committed to lifting the standard of education, nurture the young minds for a better future.

It’s a project of UMT and ILM Fund:

UMT and ILM is a renowned name in the field of academia. With a proven record in academia and great mentors and mind at the back, TKS holds no comparison. Notwithstanding, the TKS school franchise is for sale at low costs which makes it one of the most value against money and unique school franchises in Pakistan which should be invested with sheer confidence.

Standardized Education:

TKS believes in the quality of education and envisions to provide a standardized curriculum across Pakistan against the minimum cost. The students shall be taught up till matriculation with an English curriculum. For this purpose, TKS is aiming to expand its school network. Some distinctive features of The Knowledge Schools are the introduction of “Life Skills” as a new subject in the curriculum and a special focus on building English speaking culture in schools.

Student Centric Learning:

With years of dedicated research done by eminent educationists and professionals, TKS has developed the best-in-class student-centric learning methodology which helps to achieve better tangible results in school. Moreover, TKS also aims at becoming a very reliable partner of parents and society to make each student a person with creative ideas, talents, and leadership abilities so that they can live their dreams.

Personal Development:

TKS considers personality grooming an important element for academic excellence and beyond based on our social code. This will help young learners not just in their professional life but will also prepare them for leadership roles. Moreover, TKS also considers it a social responsibility to guide and motivate the students toward the good cause and will prepare them so that they could tackle the unforeseen challenges in a better way. Above all, TKS also provides continuous personal and professional development for teachers which is immensely important for the meaningful education of children.

E School:

TKS also facilitates its investors to stay in touch via the E school portal. The E school portal will allow the Knowledge Schools to connect with the head office in Lahore and with each other to receive updates (if any) and be on the same page for a uniform curriculum.

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