About TKS

TKS; the Gateway to Quality Education

The Knowledge School (TKS), a country wide project of comprehensive schools in a strategic partnership between ILM Trust and Network Associates is a recognized hallmark of academic excellence and value based learning; inviting parents and students to become a part of its deeply dedicated mission of providing ‘safe and meaningful educational experiences’ with emphasis on establishing credible education system.

Let us become a part of the TKS family where we pursue excellence in education and focus on holistic development and value based lifelong learning, thus benefiting a large number of children and satisfying the needs of parents who seek quality education and all round development in their children. We are a dedicated team of professionals who have considerable experience in education and are known for academic excellence.

This is just the right time to ensure a bright future for your children. Join TKS.

The Knowledge School; Competitive Advantages

The Knowledge School is a country-wide project of schools network (Playgroup to Class X) launched by ILM with the aim of offering quality education at an affordable price. The project is based on Network Association whereby the ILM grants license to investors in school education to run the school strictly in accordance with the standardize curriculum and management system. 

Teacher’s Professional Development

Effective learning is directly proportional to effective teaching. Teacher is the single most important resource in the discourse of education and The Knowledge School management is fully conscious of it. This is why “The Knowledge School” has implemented a meaningful and ongoing system of School-based teacher education and training. Our major aim is to prepare the teacher for participative teaching in order to develop thoughtful, caring and confident children. We also aim at moving away from rote learning by cultivating in our students the ability to think, speak, read, and write.

Active Learning at Pre-school Level

Early childhood is the most critical period of human life. We, at The Knowledge Schools, ensure effective learning through real experiences so that the children learn best as active learners.

Encouragement of Independent Learning

Instead of spoon-feeding our teachers foster Independent Learning by making education relevant to students’ needs and interests. We encourage students to ask questions and express their understanding of the topic. Students are asked to come up with daily life examples so that they can learn the concepts instead of memorizing their lessons. 

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities at The Knowledge Schools are aimed at physical, social, moral and emotional developments of students. These activities have academic, cultural, aesthetic, recreational and disciplinary value.
Our children ability to speak in public is dire need of the time. “The Knowledge School” has special dynamics for language fluency and public speech. Our students are given a platform to contest these skills every year with thousands of other TKS students.

Ethics and Leadership

The Knowledge School has introduced the new subject of “Life Skills” in its curriculum. It includes knowledge and skills necessary for the children of all levels to be able to live life with a strong civic sense, personal hygiene and good manners along with social and moral values. It also encourages them to exercise leadership skills.


The Knowledge School has established its own “Curriculum Development Wing” comprised of Head Office Academic team along with other experienced and seasoned writers as well as experienced teachers. These professionals not only develop text books but are also responsible of providing effective supporting material. TKS Books have been developed according to standardized national and international curricula. Hence the end product is in the form of user friendly books, organized from simple to complex activities. 

The formal and informal activities carried out at TKS focus at:

  • .Cognitive Domain
  • .Psychomotor Domain
  • .Affective Domain

The TKS books also help and direct the teachers to develop their own activities hence enabling the child to face the real life challenges. This creates stimulating educational environment that promotes play as well as fruitful mental, physical and social activities.

Along with in-house book writing, TKS also avails the facility of leading educational publishers present in the market and provincial Text Book Boards to meet the needs of elementary and secondary class.

The medium of instruction is English. The booklist provided by the school to each child on admission.

The School Assessment and Evaluation

To ensure the quality of education at The Knowledge Schools, well planned School Assessment and Evaluation visits are carried out. During the evaluation visit school administration mechanism and leadership is observed. The team also evaluates teachers take classroom observation in order to assess teaching and learning practices. A comprehensive school improvement report is prepared reflecting the key performance indicators including students learning, teacher’s performance, and school ethos and community satisfaction.