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TKS Teachers' Training- Rawalpindi

On Saturday, 7th April 2018 first of the year round Cluster Based Teachers’ Training Workshop was held at Grace Prince Hotel, Rawalpindi for the teachers of TKS campuses of Rawalpindi. The title of the workshop was ‘Effective Teaching Methodologies’. The Training Workshop was conducted by Ms. Jennifer Javed Khan Academic Coordinator at TKS and Ms. Asma Aamer Pre School Head at TKS.

The Topics focused on through the training workshop for Classes 1 – 10 were:

  • Effective Lesson Delivery
  • Communication Skills
  • Active Learning Strategies

The Topics covered through the training workshop for Pre School Classes were:

  • Teaching Techniques and Methodologies (Play Based Learning)
  • Enhancing Routine Lessons Through Activities
  • Teaching of Urdu

More than 40 teachers attended the Training Workshop and benefited from the knowledge and experience of the trainers to impact on their teaching and learning for the benefit of TKS students. The main aim of the training workshop was to introduce participants to modern methods of teaching. Additionally, the training gave insight in knowing the impacts of proper communication.
The teachers provided a very positive feedback after the training and looked determined to apply the information learnt at the training workshop. TKS head office is committed to provide quality Teachers’ Training to ensure standardized education and 21 st Century teaching skills are acquired by our teachers to impact on TKS Students. The next Cluster Based Teachers Training shall be held in May 2018.