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Register Now - TKS Academics Fest 2020

Dear TKS Family, gear up for a fun-filled learning day. We are really excited to announce about conducting virtual TKS Academics Fest' 20.

TKS Head Office always strives for the holistic grooming of its learners through encouragement and motivation. Extracurricular and co-curricular are part of academics. In spite of an unavoidable pandemic situation (Covid-19), TKS endeavors to provide maximum opportunities to demonstrate the students' latent potential through co-curricular activities.

 Everything is not on Lockdown, Learning is not on Lockdown.

As per practice, these competitions are usually conducted at the UMT campus on an annual basis. However, due to the lockdown in place and for the safety of our stakeholders and children, this activity has been redesigned to be conducted virtually (online). The fest is significant as it highlights our new mode of interaction and education (online) that has been brought about by the coronavirus.


The following five competitions will be part of this event. These events are aimed at building and developing language, critical thinking, logical problem-solving skills and affection and respect for the Holy Quran and Holy Prophet (PBUH).


These competitions will be adjudged by distinguished Ph.D. faculty members from UMT, Lahore.




1: Qiraat & Naat: This competition will develop affection and respect for the Holy Quran and Holy Prophet (PBUH).


2: Lingualetics: This competition has been designed to enhance listening and speaking skills.


3: Matholetics: This competition will cultivate acute and logical intellectual skills.


4: Arts & Science: This segment of competition will arouse the imagination and hone creative and research skills.


5: Tech Savvy: This competition has been devised to instill confidence in IT learners so that they may realize and better grasp their computing skills.




TKS Head Office invites TKS students to participate enthusiastically in this grand intellectual online show.



TKS Head Office also invites all NWAs, principals and teachers to attend and encourages them to prepare their students to compete at a National Level and win awards and certificates in this event of highly competitive academic value.


Details about each competition and level



Name of Competitions

Level /Classes

Competition Topics


Qiraat & Naat

Level I – Classes 3 - 4

Hamad or Naat

Level II – Classes 5 – 6








Level I – Classes 3 & 4 English speech

Pen is mightier than sword

Level II – Classes 5 & 6

English speech

Environmental problems

Level III – Classes 7 & 8 Urdu speech



Level I – Class 5

Mathematics concepts of Class 5

Level II – Class 7

Mathematics concepts of Class 7




Arts & Science

Level I – Classes 1-3


Level II – Class 4

(Group of three)

Volcano (Working project)

Level III – Class 6

(Group of three)

Bridge making project (Working project)




Tech Savvy

Level I – Classes 7 & 8

Create a result card of TKS Class 8

Level II – Classes 9 & 10

Smart Art: Plane movement as its takes off from the runway.


Date: 5th January – 13th January 2021 Venue: Online

Conduct Modalities:


1. NWA / Principal will submit the registration form with complete information of the participant students by 22nd December 2020.

2. After the close of registration time, no campus will be allowed to upload videos.

3. Principals/parents of the respective participant can upload the videos for the competition on TKS Official Facebook Page.

4. Participants must wear neat and clean uniform when videos are being recorded. Any participant without a uniform will be disqualified from the competition.

5. Videos should be recorded in one go.

6. Original video to be uploaded without any editing. (If found edited, the video will not be considered)

7. The duration of the video is mentioned in the detailed work instruction.

8. High-resolution videos with good audio quality with vocal modulation, pitch, sound, proper utterance, physical postures, composition etc. must be ensured.

9. The NWAs / principals will endorse the uploaded videos.

10. NWAs/parents/principals/teachers can upload the videos from 5th January – 13th January 2021 (24 hrs).

11. All participants will upload pictures and videos of their artwork and science competition models on the page. (Note: The size of the model should be equal to the size provided to you in the Work Instructions of Art & Science Exhibition.)

12. Judge’s decision will be final and irreversible.

Find the link here: can also upload the recorded videos.

Prizes and Certificates:


  • Winners will receive merit certificates and prizes.
  • Participation certificate for all the participants of respective competitions.
  • Overall positions of school will also be declared on school performance. On the basis of final results schools will receive trophies.


Registration: To register for this event, please fill in the Registration Form latest by

Tuesday 22nd December 2020 and email it on this email [email protected]


Looking Forward:

Head – Senior School Jennifer Javed Khan Chief Organizer

0302 – 8613425



Ms. Uzma Kokab – 0302 - 8613422 Mr. Shakeel Ahmad - 0333 - 4473712 Ms. Um-e-Rubab – 0302 - 8613925



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