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Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Techniques

UMT has successfully organized a training workshop for UMT and TKS academic team on “Six Thinking Hats Approach to Teach Critical Thinking and Problem solving Techniques” on 19th July 2018. TKS NWAs, Principals and Teachers also attended the training session with full enthusiasm. The Training session was conducted by Mr. Syed Fakhar Imam - a teacher, trainer and a philanthropist.  

The training workshop was conducted to gear up the minds of school heads and teachers that how they can inculcate the problem solving ability and develop the brains of students, how to critically review the issues and come up with potential solutions. Additionally, the training gave insight in knowing about the Edward De Bono Theory of Six Thinking Hats Approach.

Over 65 participants attended the session. By the end of the workshop participants had substantial understanding of critical thinking framework and models and seen strong-minded to apply the information learnt at the training workshop.