Network Association

Why TKS?

TKS aims to develop a network of quality schools offering standardized education through network alliances in Pakistan and abroad. For this purpose, TKS offers a full business format and professional expertise to assist regioanl and international business partners to venture confidently into the challenging and fast expanding market of adolescent education.

Currently, TKS has several franchisees located across Pakistan but is also looking to expand the franchising programme overseas and is confident of providing our franchisees with a good headstart and an excellent chance of success.


TKS is dedicate and passionate about developing each child to become independent, creative, compassionate, self-disciplined and a life-long learner.

TKS Franchise Terms

Franchise Agreement: This is a legal contract between TKS and the franchisee spelling out the rights and obligations of both parties, terms and conditions, including those for termination and the validity period. This agreement is drawn up by TKS’s appointed lawyers.

Tenure or Period of Contract: This is the period of validity of the legal contract between TKS and the franchisee.

Compliance with Contract: To ensure that franchisees do not conduct themselves in a manner that affects the image and business of other associated parties with ILM Trust and TKS, franchisees are required to comply with the terms and conditions as stated in the franchise agreement.

Initial Fee: This is the upfront payment that the franchisee must make to TKS to obtain the rights to the business format and trade or services mark for a specified time period. In return TKS will provide service related to the design and layout of the premises and assistance in launching of the operation, to facilitate an early conversion to franchise outlet.

Royalty/Management Fee: An ongoing monthly fee, made by the franchisee to TKS, usually based on a percentage of the gross monthly sales. It could also be a fixed fee or a variation of one or both. In return, TKS will provide management services, including joint advertising and promotional campaigns, updating of procedures, continual new product development, etc.

Academic Material: The franchisee is expected to follow the curriculum booklist recommended by experts at TKS.

Renovation Cost/Rental: The cost that will be incurred by the franchisee to convert the premises to the image and layout will be specified by TKS. This cost has to be borne at the beginning of the franchise relationship. Franchisee will need to have sufficient capital to pay this amount upfront.

Working Capital: Franchisees must set aside sufficient funds to pay for regular business overheads like utility bills, salaries and purchase of goods and services.

Payment Terms: The period by which franchisees have to pay TKS for goods and services rendered is normally specified by TKS under payment terms.

Additional Support

  • Initial training will be provided for key teaching and administrative personnel nominated by the franchisee to be held at a center nominated by TKS.

  • On-site training will be followed at the franchised center.

  • A nominated representative of TKS will guide the franchisee through the pre-launch.

  • On-going support will be provided by TKS – A bi-annual one-day visit will be made to the franchise for the purpose of reviewing the total business, on-going training, market development and technical support at the franchisor’s cost. The benefit of on-going R & D will be transferred to the franchisee.

  • TKS will create suitable advertising and promotional materials as well as news to penetrate potential markets.

  • Advice on recruitment of teachers.

Process of Association

Step 1: Make General Enquiry

Step 2: Receive Investors Kit from TKS

Step 3: Arrange for a meeting and presentation of franchise.

Discuss business plan

Analyse financial viability

Step 4: On-site visit by TKS team of proposed site

Suitability report analysis

Step 5: Signing of MOU

Payment of initial franchise fee

Continue with work plan and operations

Step 6:  Pre-opening follow-up by TKS team

 Begin local and group admissions campaign

 Training of Heads/Admin Staff/ Teachers

Step 7:  Begin proper operations

 Provide continuous support and advice

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