Event Calendar

2017 - 2018

January 2017

DateEvent TitleCategory
6-Jan-17 Quiz All Campuses
14-Jan-17 Fun Fair All Campuses
16-Jan-17 Informal Assessment All Campuses
27-Jan-17 PTM

All Campuses

February 2017

DateEvent TitleCategory
5-Feb-17 Kashmir Day All Campuses
21-Feb-17 Final Term Examination Central Region

March 2017

DateEvent TitleCategory
11-Mar-17 CPDP - 1 All Campuses
13-Mar-17 1st Term Begins All Campuses
23-Mar-17 Pakistan Day All Campuses
25-Mar-17 Earth Hour All Campuses
31-Mar-17 Pakistan Day Quiz Balochistan Region

April 2017

DateEvent TitleCategory
1-April-17 CPDP - 2 All Campuses
11-April-17 Lingualetics School Based All Campuses
17-April-17 Mid Term Assessment - 1 All Campuses
26-April-17 Regional Lingualetics  All Campuses
29-April-17 PTM - 1 All Campuses

May 2017

DateEvent TitleCategory
01-May-17 Labour Day All Campuses
5-May-17 PRC All Campuses
6-May-17 Final Lingualetics All Campuses
13-May-17 CPDP - 3 All Campuses
19-May-17 End of Term Assessment All Campuses

June 2017

DateEvent TitleCategory
03-Jun-17 CPDP - 4 Balochistan Region
05-Jun-17 2nd Term Begins Balochistan Region
10-Jun-17 1st Term Result + PTM - 2 All Campuses
14-Jun-17 Naat and Qiraat Competition Balochistan Region
25-Jun-17 Eid - Ul- Fitr All Campuses

July 2017

DateEvent TitleCategory
15-Jul-17 CPDP - 5 Balochistan Region
18-Jul-17 EWC Balochistan Region
24-Jul-17 Mid Term Assessment - 2 Balochistan Region

August 2017

DateEvent TitleCategory
04-Aug-17 Go Green Day Balochistan Region
05-Aug-17 PTM - 3 Balochistan Region
12-Aug-17 CPDP - 4 Central Region
12-Aug-17 CPDP - 6 Balochistan Region
14-Aug-17 Independence Day All Campuses
15-Aug-17 Independence Day Quiz Balochistan Region
15-Aug-17 2nd Term Begins Central Region
18-Aug-17 Independence Day Quiz Central Region
25-Aug-17 Go Green Day Central Region
31-Aug-17 Eid - Ul - Azha All Campuses

September 2017

DateEvent TitleCategory
06-Sep-17 Defence Day All Campuses
09-Sep-17 CPDP - 5 Central Region
09-Sep-17 CPDP - 7 Balochistan Region
18-Sep-17 2nd Term Examination Balochistan Region
18-Sep-17 Mid Term Assessment - 2 Central Region
29-Sep-17 PTM - 3 Central Region
30-Sep-17 Ashura All Campuses

October 2017

DateEvent TitleCategory
02-Oct-17 Final Term Begins Balochistan Region
05-Oct-17 Teachers' Day All Campuses
07-Oct-17 2nd Term Result + PTM - 4 Balochistan Region
07-Oct-17 CPDP - 6 Central Region
14-Oct-17 CPDP - 8 Balochistan Region
20-Oct-17 Annual Sports Day + Field Trip Central Region
21-Oct-17 Annual Sports Day + Field Trip Central Region
21-Oct-17 Art and Science Exhibition (School Based) Balochistan Region
30-Oct-17 Mid Term Assessment - 3 Balochistan Region

November 2017

DateEvent TitleCategory
03-Nov-17 EWC Central Region
04-Nov-17 CPDP - 9 Balochistan Region
04-Nov-17 CPDP - 7 Central Region
09-Nov-17 Allama Iqbal Day All Campuses
10-Nov-17 Quiz on Allama Iqbal Day All Campuses
12-Nov-17 PTM - 5 Balochistan Region
17-Nov-17 Annual Sports Day + Field Trip Balochistan Region
18-Nov-17 Annual Sports Day + Field Trip Balochistan Region
20-Nov-17 2nd Term Examination Central Region

Decemeber 2017

DateEvent TitleCategory
01-Dec-17 Eid Milad Un Nabi All Campuses
02-Dec-17 CPDP - 10 Balochistan Region
02-Dec-17 CPDP - 8 Central Region
04-Dec-17 Final Term Begins Central Region
06-Dec-17 Appriciation Day Balochistan Region
09-Dec-17 2nd Term Result + PTM 4 Central Region
11-Dec-17 Final Term Examination Balochistan Region
12-Dec-17 TKS Matholatics Competition Central Region
15-Dec-17 Naat and Qiraat Competition Central Region
25-Dec-17 Quaid Day All Campuses
30-Dec-17 Final Term Result + PTM - 6 Balochistan Region

January 2018

DateEvent TitleCategory
03-Jan-18 Regional Matholatics Central Region
04-Jan-18 Regional Matholatics Central Region
05-Jan-18 Quiz on Quaid Day Central Region
06-Jan-18 CPDP - 9 Central Region
08-Jan-18 Mid Term Assessment - 3 Central Region
16-Jan-18 Art and Science Exhibition Central Region
20-Jan-18 PTM - 5 Central Region
27-Jan-18 Final Art and Science Exhibition and Matholatics  Central Region

February 2018

DateEvent TitleCategory
03-Feb-18 CPDP -10 Central Region
05-Feb-18 Kashmir Day All Campuses
08-Feb-18 Appreciation Day Central Region
17-Feb-18 Final Term Examination Central Region

March 2018

DateEvent TitleCategory
08-Mar-18 Final Term Result + PTM 6 Central Region