The management of THE KNOWLEDGE SCHOOL Head Office implemented its newly updated School Management System (SMS) with dedicated dashboards for school operations, teachers, students & parents. It is an enhanced solution integrated with user-friendly approach and latest information management systems. The most important feature of this software is to generate every type of student related report, message alerts to parents for announcements, results, fee matters etc. Its absolutely cloud based online solution, which can be accessed easily where ever you are, out of campus within Pakistan or abroad.

THE KNOWLEDGE SCHOOLS manage student’s profiles, attendance and results and send alerts to their parents about absenteeism, special event and news, fee schedules and parent-teacher meeting as well. Reports are also available every time for any matters related to management.

Another dedicated access for parents is also provided to check their children’s profile, daily attendance, results and different reports. This can be more helpful for parents to get all information online at home.

School Management System develops strong bonds between school, students and parents and keeps them active. We are working together for ensuring every school as credible learning center.

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