The Knowledge School Network A Project of ILM Trust

Value Based Education

TKS holds a vision “to enable our students to realize their full potential”; everything at TKS Schools is designed around this vision. TKS strives to provide a climate of mutual respect to promote high expectations for all and to empower our students to become good citizens of Pakistan. Our mission is to give each student the opportunities to receive individualized instruction that will emphasize daily living, personal, social and occupational skills.

Life and Learning

TKS offers a course titled “Life and Learning” which is particularly designed to enhance basic life skills of every child and assist them in developing positive character traits of life. During the course, students explore different areas of life such as: Self-management, effective communication skills, personal skills, social skills and many more. Many projects are designed on real- life situations for the better understanding of students. It is a full-year course divided into segments.

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