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Fee Structure

Fee structure

The Knowledge School (TKS) is now accepting applications for school admissions from playgroup to matric. In this section, you can find information pertaining to the fee structure as part of the school admission procedure. These involve a registration fee, an admission fee and a tuition fee, among other charges. A detailed breakdown of the fee structure and available discounts can be found below. If you wish to submit an online application for admission in TKS, you may do so here.

Please note that fees may slightly vary from campus to campus.

Pre-School to Matric
Registration Fee (One Time Charges) Rs. 500
Admission Charges (One Time Charges) Rs. 4,000
Security Charges (One Time Charges) Rs. 4,000
Tuition Fee per Month (Class Play Group to Matric) Rs. 4,000


  • Annual charges equivalent to one month fee is applicable.
  • Late fee charges are Rs. 10/- per day.
  • Science lab charges Rs.100/- per month (Allowed from class VIII to Class X only)



25 % sibling discount is available to third child onwards of a family studying in the same school.

Discount Percentage
First Child NIL
2nd Child NIL
3rd Child onwards 25%

B. Sibling discount being availed under the previous policy shall continue as such.

C.  Confirmed School Staff: Teaching & Non-teaching:
Discount Percentage
First Child 100%
2nd Child 50%
3rd Child onwards NIL

Note: sibling discount is not available to school staff.

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