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The TKS Head Office (HO) held their Network Association (NWA) Convention 2021 on Saturday, 10th April. Conducted in the morning at 10.30 am, the event was hosted by the TKS HO on Zoom and was attended by over 150 participants.


The event began with a recitation from the Holy Quran, after which an audio clip of the national anthem was played. The session then began in earnest, with speeches from Manager Accounts Imran Elahi involving a recap of the year 2020 with regards to the services provided by the TKS HO during the pandemic, and Director TKS involving a description of what the future entailed for educational institutions in general and TKS campuses in particular and what the TKS HO had done to prepare and safeguard against adversity. This was followed up with a question and answer session and the floor was opened up for NWAs to voice their concerns and air their grievances. Many, however, were appreciative of the activities undertaken by the TKS HO in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and their fears and concerns regarding the future were addressed and allayed by the TKS HO team. The session was included with a prize distribution ceremony honouring those campuses that had spent over 10 years as a TKS franchisee and those students who had topped the TKS Network in 2019 and 2020 in the matric board exams. Cash prizes for the students and framed certificates for the NWAs will be sent to their locations.


Feedback from the event showed that the participants were pleased with the convention and would definitely consider attending it again when held in the future. Photographs of the event and of the prizes announced can be found on our Facebook page:

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