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TKS Fatima Campus, Multan, celebrated its 11 year anniversary as a TKS franchisee on the 1st of April. The day was marked with a message from the campus’s principal extolling the hard work of the staff and teachers of the school and pledging to maintain the same excellent quality of education that has been the highlight of the campus over the years. The message in its entirety is reproduced below:


“Today, it has been 11 years since TKS Fatima Campus was established in 2010. Looking back, our school has been filled with the blessings of Allah. I treasure the time I have spent with my colleagues and my students and am prepared to work together with them for the future of the school! I thank Allah for the outstanding students and teaching staff of TKS Fatima Campus. Every morning when I see the radiant faces of the students while they enter the school, I am enlivened and invigorated. At the same time, I feel the heavy responsibility on my shoulders. The school has been cultivating in our students the seeds of spiritual and ethical growth, and is keen to pass on knowledge to the next generation. We endeavor to equip our students with all-round abilities in order that they can contribute to society in the future and serve others.


“Our professional teaching staff is motivated and passionate. Inside classrooms, they are serious in their teaching and keen to explore students’ potentials. Outside classrooms, they teach with their words and deeds. They connect with students both as teachers and as friends, and become their life mentors.


“In the future, we have yet to face many challenges. I believe that with Allah’s guidance and the concerted effort of staff and students, we will scale new heights. We will continue to provide quality education to the students. In the end, I would like to thank the ones who trust us and make us successful. I would like to extend my thanks to all that staff members who are with us in this continuous year of success from 11 years.


“On this joyous school anniversary, let us pray with a grateful heart. May Allah continue to guide us as we proceed into the future!”


The TKS Head Office extends its warmest congratulations to Fatima Campus on its achievement and thanks it for its patronage as a TKS franchisee. The relationship the TKS Fatima Campus and the TKS Head Office have developed over the years have been very fruitful and pleasant and the services both have rendered to each other and the country during their partnership have gone a long way towards fulfilling the vision and mission of the TKS Head Office. We pray for the coming years to be equally high-yielding.


The message from the principal can also be read at the TKS Fatima Campus Facebook page:

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