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  • Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Celebrated annually on March 23rd, the Pakistan Resolution Day is a major highlight of the struggle of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the other leaders of the Muslim League to establish a separate homeland for the Muslims of India. The event took place in Lahore during an annual session of the Muslim League at Minto Park on 23rd March 1940. During this time, the historical resolution cementing the creation of an independent federation comprising of Muslim-majority provinces in the north-western and north-eastern regions of the British-controlled territories in India was passed. In addition to this, the day also commemorates the adoption of the first constitution of Pakistan when it transitioned from being the Dominion of Pakistan to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

At TKS, we try to ensure that our students are made aware of the history of our great nation and of the significance of the movement for partition, since it is important that the sacrifices made for our country are remembered and honoured. Thus, TKS campuses all over Pakistan celebrate this day with many fun and informative activities that spread the message of unity and brotherhood amongst the Muslim brotherhood in remembrance of the struggle for the creation of the country.

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