About TKS

Children as Members of ILM Family

ILM has grown to be a brand in the world of education. University of Management and Technology, Lahore, as a project of ILM Trust, is one of the few universities of Pakistan enjoying a high esteem in the higher education sector of the country. ILM Colleges is yet another project of ILM Trust. With the coming of The Knowledge Schools, ILM Trust offers an exceptional academic ladder to its students who can enter the playgroup, move on to ILM Colleges, and climb up to the level of PhD.

University Backup

The Knowledge School project has a highly valuable support from the University of Management and Technology. UMT’s School of Social Sciences and Humanities runs Master’s level programs in Education and Educational Management as well as PhD. UMT also has the School of Professional Advancement catering for professional growth in diverse areas. The Knowledge Schools variously benefit from the University in our endeavors for school improvement and effectiveness.

Ongoing Professional Development of Teachers

Effective learning is directly proportional to effective teaching. Teacher is the single most important resource in the discourse of education and The Knowledge School management is fully conscious of it. This is why “The Knowledge School” has implemented a meaningful and ongoing system of School-based teacher education and training. Our major aim is to prepare the teacher for participative teaching in order to develop thinking, caring and confident children. We also aim at moving away from rote learning by cultivating in our students the ability to think, speak, read and write.

Learning for Life

The Knowledge School has introduced the new subject of “Life Skills” in its curriculum. It includes knowledge and skills necessary for the children of all levels to be able to live life with a strong civic sense, personal hygiene and good manners along with social and moral values.

School Calendar

The Knowledge Schools head office issues an academic calendar every year. It provides a chronological view of all the major curricular and co-curricular events planned for the entire academic year. It keeps the Network community aware of what happens when. Parents will especially benefit from the academic calendar who can plan their life schedules better in line with the definite schedule of their wards’ life at school.

Home-school Partnership

“The Knowledge School” has a firm belief in home-school partnership. We recognize and respond to the parents’ right to be kept informed of their wards’ academic progress and socio-emotional development. Besides welcoming the parents’ occasional visits to the school in this regard, the Academic Calendar provides for pre-planned parent-teacher meetings through the academic year. The Knowledge schools are also committed to send the students’ progress and attendance reports to the parents.

Special focus on speaking English

Our children’s ability to speak in English is the dire need of the time and more so because we claim to be English medium schools. ‘The Knowledge School’ has definite plans and dynamics to build an English speaking culture and to prepare the teachers as role models in developing this essential skill.

Centralized Curriculum

The Knowledge School believes that the Curriculum is the formal and informal content and process by which learners gain Knowledge and understanding, develop skills, and alter attitudes, appreciations, and values under the auspices of school. It comprises everything that goes on with the school including extra-class activities, guidance, and interpersonal relationships. The syllabi for Playgroup to Class VIII consist of textbooks and allied materials developed by leading publishers in line with the national curriculum. At Secondary level, however, the syllabi prescribed by the relevant Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education are followed. The medium of instruction is English. The book list will be provided by the School to each child on admission.

Inter-School Transfer

Since The Knowledge Schools Network follows a standardized curriculum in content as well in time, inter-school transfer of the Network students is conveniently available. In case of transfer, however, the fee rate of the new school will be applicable.

Activity-based learning

Early childhood is the most critical period of human life. We, at The Knowledge Schools, ensure effective learning through real experiences so that the Children learn best as active learners.

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities at the Knowledge Schools are aimed at physical, social, moral and emotional development of students. These activities have academic, cultural, aesthetic, recreational and disciplinary value.